the winter season

As leaves carpet the ground and icy breezes whisper, step into the enchantment of winter's embrace at the garden for a season full of festivities, open-ended play, imaginative play, seasonal crafts&songs and kneading our daily bread at the table together.

Starting Tue 5 Dec - Fri 22 Mar 2024
Closed: Christmas Holidays 23 Dec - 7 Jan 
Spring Break 17 - 25 Feb
Since toddlers have little concern for time and activities like getting dressed and leaving on time can be quite challenging, there's no need to rush. The session door opens at 9:30, and since we begin with an hour of free play, you are welcome to join whenever you can. If your child is unwell, feeling clingy, or simply prefers to climb a tree, We're happy to offer make-up classes.

Waldorf approach

The Waldorf approach to young children prioritizes holistic, creative learning with a focus on play, nature and storytelling. Cultivating a love for learning rather than early academic pressure. Fostering imagination and individuality.