• schedule

    Age 14/16 months to 4 years

    Duration 2 hours

    Times 9.30 - 11.30 (Tue - Fri)

    Afternoon class Baby/Toddler group

    Tuesday 15.00 - 17.00

  • The Winter season

    As leaves carpet the ground and icy breezes whisper, step into the enchantment of winter's embrace in our garden. The Winter season is here.

    Term starts Dec 5th till March 22nd

    Christmas holiday Dec 22nd - Jan 8th

    Spring break Feb 17th - 25th

  • Membership / Pricing

    Our playgroup sessions align with the school year, following the primary school holidays. The year is divided into three trimesters: The Autumn Season, The Winter Season, and The Spring&Summer Season. The cost for each term is €350.

    Billing and Payment:

    • You will be billed from the day you start attending, and subsequent bills will be issued before the start of each new season.
    • To make the payment process convenient for you, we'll provide a secure payment link to your email adress. Please ensure payment is made before the start of each term.

    Automatic Renewal:

    • Your membership is automatically renewed. If you wish to stop your membership, please notify us at least two weeks before the end of the term.